Radial Jet Drilling in Deep Tor

Most of the oil in the Danish oil fields is trapped in tight chalk and cannot be commercially produced by existing technologies. DHRTC is developing a new Radial Jet Drilling technology that has the potential to increase production and unlock some of the resources.

New drilling technology expected to unlock oil trapped in tight chalk
Read our interview with Paloma Alvarez Gallego, Reservoir Engineer DHRTC

Meet Maiya Medetbekova PhD student at DHRTC and hear about her research within radial-jet drilling in the North Sea. Maiya is one of the researchers in AWF2.

DHRTC's hypothesis

This research programme aims to increase the reservoir contact of the existing well stock and make it possible to recover hard-to-access reserves. The key technology being tested is radial jet drilling, which involves establishing small diameter wellbores radiating from existing production and injection wells. This technology has the potential to be applied in several DUC fields and may significantly improve the hydrocarbon recovery without the need to invest in new development wells.

  • The demo case for AWF.2 is the Tor formation in the Halfdan field where logging of observation wells and 4D seismic recordings have shown an uneven vertical sweep resulting in reduced sweep of the lower part. A significant potential is here present for increasing the recovery from the deep part of the Tor formation by establishing radial wellbores from the existing horizontal development wells.
  • The research at DHRTC is focusing on modelling of radial wellbores placed in chalk to evaluate the short and long term behavior and evaluation of the effect on recovery by placing of radials in the existing development wells. An additional area of interest is the optimization of radials by additional stimulation hereof following the initial jetting operation. It is expected that the development of downhole tools for radial jet drilling operations will be developed by an established service provider and the DHRTC is currently working closely with Maersk Oil to identify and evaluate potential collaboration partners.