Extend Life of Offshore Structures

Many offshore platforms in the North Sea are reaching the end of their designed lifetime, but the actual integrity of the structures is only known with some uncertainty.

Learn more about how PhD student Sebastian Tølbøll Glavind from Department of Civil Engineering at Aalborg University works with safety of structures within CTR3.

DHRTC's hypothesis

The challenge of extended platform life is approached through enhanced structural monitoring, evaluation of extreme wave probability and risk evaluation.

  • The offshore platforms and pipeline infrastructure can safely and cost-effectively support production beyond original plans by application of enhanced risk management methods with improved understanding of wave loads and structural strength.
  • Structural monitoring for actual load statistics
  • Identification of modal parameters of nonlinear and time variant systems
  • Validation and updating of structural models
  • Load model and updated statistics for extreme, breaking waves
  • Probabilistic risk modelling and decision support
  • A near shore test facility for scaled testing and verification